Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Fools Day!

I didn't know it was the 1st y'all! Super exciting but the weather is soon to take a turn back to winter, not cool. I haven't been blogging much lately mostly because this is a DIY/food/style blog and I haven't done much that fit these categories of late. I have been crafting up a storm as always but nothing to share as a DIY.
Do anyone else's kids do this? Just drop down in the floor and snuggle with their blankie?
The Homemade Housewives have 3 craft shows in the next 3 wks so most of my creations go to that. We had a 2 day craft show last weekend that did not create a single dollar of profit. I blame the weather and myself. Beside the fact that no one was there because of the weather and it being an outdoor festival it just was not our target market. People didn't even come in our tent to look at our things which to me just means that our items were not their aesthetic.
I've made a couple of the mustache quilt pillows- really fun!
 My attitude toward craft show this year has been to just do anything that presents itself as an opportunity. But after a few flops I plan on altering this philosophy. If nothing else we decided that we could pretend last weekend was a business seminar on what not to do- paying for experience.
likes to hug on his Nora- don't mind my messy livingroom
This Saturday we will be in fair grove at a women in business event:

Also outdoor... high hopes that the forecast is wrong! If you are in the area you should come out!
What else do I know?? The hubb's b-day was this weekend and I didn't snap a single picture, it was kinda a crazy weekend. I'd elaborate but I have already whined enough for one post!

So to take a step away from complaining I'd like to say how excited I am that my sister is coming home from Boston for the summer in a few weeks. And my dad was in the hospital last week and back home now recuperating, and my aunt Becky is coming to visit at the end of the month too! And I made another kinda large Etsy sale- not as big as the last, but bigger than small, know what I mean? Oh and Wednesday means dinner with my bestie and we are having wild turkey breast which I've never had so that's fun.
already such a daredevil!

 OK, well I'm going to make a tiramisu Sunday for Jim's family birthday dinner- maybe I'll share the secrets of that with you.

Hope everyone has a great finish to their week!
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  1. Gibbs has started the "throw yourself down on the floor just for fun" thing too. Although he doesn't have a blankie! Sorry your show was a bust, it sounded like you guys had fun together though!

    1. We need to get those kids together again! well, I love Ash so we always have fun. Glad I'm not in business with someone I don't like!

  2. Sorry the shows aren't turning out too well this year....hopefully this big one coming up will be better! I'm hoping to make it out to Fair Grove but it will depend on the weather since I have Calloway now. I do not need a sickie on my hands!

    1. it's ok. Every one is a lesson, sometimes a good lesson, sometimes a bad lesson. I don't blame you for not coming out if it's cold. I really really hope it isn't though!!!! SUN PLEASE! Plus I want to see that kid!

  3. YES! I want to hear how the tiramisu goes! It scares me to attempt at home!

  4. don't be scared, it's shockingly easy. I have made it for him for the past few years on his birthday. We could eat a whole 9x13 of it ourselves...

  5. I can't wait to come home and play!! I got some things to teach that snuggling daredevil...

    1. we are excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!