Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Date Night Outfit

Last night the hubbs and I took advantage of $5 movie night at our local theater, and my dear friend who loves to babysit, and had a date night- which meant I got to dress up which rarely happens for me these days.

It has been really fun for me lately to thrift for clothes with an open mind as to what a garment could look like with a little tweaking. I have done a little "tweaking" lately and I finally got a photo taken! 

Now all I did was hem this skirt up a bit, but that was all it took to take it from this old lady ensemble into an on-trend look. Floral skirts are great for spring AND it has pockets, yay! 

Skirt, belt, necklace- garage sale, shirt- JCPenney, Shoes- F21Pin It


  1. How long ago did you find that adorable top?!?! Surely JCP still has ONE!?!

    1. years ago on clearance so I doubt it, sorry dear!

  2. How cute! LOVE the skirt :) You look wonderful!

    Hugs to you!