Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Happs

We have a busy week ahead of us folks!

When Jim gets home from work (actually he just called to say he is on his way to get stitches because he got hit in the head with something at work) we are going to free day at the zoo (yeah, we are still going- a few stitches can't stop us)!

We started painting the living room and the kitchen cabinets yesterday and hope to finish tonight- I will share some before and afters with you soon.

Thursday I am having the girls over for craft night! Super duper excited about that! This is the craft I want to try:
and of course there will be delicious snacks and treats and such.

Friday my mom and sister and I are going to tent theater to see 110 in the Shade which is a musical rendition of their favorite movie- The Rainmaker!

OK- that's my plan for the week, so if you want to stalk me you know where I'll be!


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