Friday, June 21, 2013

I drank too much coffee...

Have you guys ever made cucumber water? It is so easy and amazing! I'm amazed anyway- drinking it right now, going to keep it on hand all summer!
Instructions: Slice up a cucumber and a lemon, put it in a pitcher of water in your fridge- keep adding water as you go- it really is that easy, and the flavor is really intense!

I am getting ready to launch some vintage items in our Etsy shop and I'm so excited! I actually don't want to sell them, but then again I do- it's a conundrum. You need to go check them out.

Also I'm super excited about how photographic the new color in my living room is!

Oh and I'm in LOVE with the freezer paper stenciling we did for craft night- the girls made some great things!

Well, those are the things I'm high on for now- have a great weekend!


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1 comment:

  1. Your kid is a crack-up! And those clothes are so cute -- way too bad you have to sell them, but just think of the cool stories someone is going to tell about them, "You'll never guess what I found on Etsy!"