Thursday, July 11, 2013


4th of July is over, man I love that holiday! Now we have someone new to share the love with- he was pretty fond of the 4th of July parade!

Life is a whirlwind this week- God's gentle reminders that life is unpredictable are keeping me on my toes!
Last week was a great holiday week- I didn't have any babysitting to do, and Jim took off most of the week. We didn't do much, but it was fun. Over the weekend we went to KC to see my friend, went to the zoo and a Royals game. Which is where we discovered fountains and back-flipping polar bears!

   I started watching another kid this week, so far so good. You tell him it's nap time and he goes and lays down. What's up with that? Can I clone him?

I have made 20 sales in the last 30 days on the ole Etsy shop- that is so good for me! I am loving the new wave of views, favorites, sales, etc. I don't know exactly what has made business pick up, but it makes me super-duper happy!

Looking ahead to the tentative schedule of fall craft shows is really exciting- we are very motivated at this point and the schedule reflects that- once it is finalized I will share- but this is all that is finalized for now:

Red Dirt Roadshow Springfield, MO: August 22-23
2 Friends and Junk Joplin, MO Sept 28-29
2 Friends and Junk Springfield, MO November 15-16
Speaking of crafts, I made this bulletin board for my sister in law's soon to be farm/cowboy nursery. It isn't quite done- I think the frame needs some distressing still.

My birthday is in 15 days- I will be the big 2.7.
Yowsa! I had a little kid the other day guess that I was 18- I tip my hat to you, little kid.

Well that is all I know for now, I'm going to soak up some solitude before naps are over!


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  1. Nice job on the bulletin board! It's a really sweet idea. I love all the water photos - looks like he's having loads of fun!!!!

  2. On another note: I've just been checking out your Etsy store again! Your handmade book bunting is ADORABLE! I'm starting a monthly handmade business feature on my blog, would you be interested? I wanted to send you an email with more info but can't find your contact details on here, if you're keen pop me an email at and we can chat :) Love your work!

  3. Love that boy! He has great parents that expose him to so many sides of life.