Friday, July 29, 2011

Dinner on the double- Part 1

This is first in a series of meals I have set out to make without buying anything from the store-- and I am not starting right after stocking up at the store either. Doing this occasionally is a good way to use food that would otherwise be wasted and save some money at the same time.
Naturally you don't have the same stuff in your cupboards and freezer as I do, but hope this gives you motivation.....

Pork fried rice
3 main ingredients: rice, pork roast, and stir fry veggies
I started by cooking the rice- I had about 1 3/4 cups- placed it in my pan with 1 3/4 cups water and covered it until it boiled, then pulled it off the heat.
The pork roast was fully cooked so all I had to do was defrost it and cut it into bite sized pieces. I also chopped up half an onion.
Once the meat was cut up, I pushed the rice onto half of the pan and poured a few Tbs of sesame oil into the other side to crisp up the pork and onions. I also poured a little sesame oil and soy sauce on the rice so it didn't scorch to the pan and to let is get brown and crunchy.
Once everything is borwned up nicely push the pork and rice to one side to cook your veggies, they dont take long. I cooked them uncovered. there is plenty of salt in the soy sauce so you don't need to add any, but I did add garlic powder and ground ginger- fresh of both of these would be better, but we're working with what we have. The only thing I felt this was really missing was scrambled egg, but as it happens I made some eggs in the morning and forgot to put them back in the refigerator. Shucky darn.
So tasty!
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