Thursday, February 23, 2012

moby wrap diy

I apologize in advance for these awful pictures. Baby is here as you can see.

Right before he was born my mom went into a sewing frenzy and among the things she made for us was this sweet moby wrap- normally $40-50 in stores.

Although I didn't make it myself, of all the things she made for us it is the one thing that I could have made myself. Originally we looked up a tutorial found here.

Basically you need 6 yards of t-shirt type fabric 30" wide, but because most of these fabrics come 60" wide we just bought 3 yards and cut the fabric length-wise down the middle.

All that is left to do is to sew these two pieces of fabric together to make it 6 yards long and surge around the edges, or zigzag stitch if you dont have a surger. Make sure to have the center seam very secure so baby doesnt bust through.

Refer to this webiste for tying instructions and how to insert the baby.  Huck loves it and falls right asleep. It is kind of cumbersome to tie, but feels very comfortable once the baby is in. I better enjoy it now before he gets much heavier.
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  1. Oh Emily, this is so sweet. I'm so glad it has worked out. He does look very comfy & happy. I wonder if it feels like my new hammock?
    January 29th.

    1. I like the top picture! That is really cute!